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Call for Comments on the National Adult Hospital Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Medicines List (2019) for review in 2020

The National Department of Health has indicated that it will take comments on the current version (2019) of the Adult Hospital Level Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs) and National Essential Medicines List (EML), which are the basis of the offering at district and regional hospitals in the public sector.

At the same time, the contents of this document and the recommendations for diagnosis and treatment are important to any primary care practitioners in the country as they are to form the basis for the National Health Insurance benefits, should these come into place over the next few years.
SAMA continuously engages in comments on the STGs and EML to ensure that is offers comprehensive good quality care, and that new developments in practice and evidence are taken into account.
The DOH has only given 1.5 months to comment on the full Adults Hospital Level (26 Chapters).
However, each chapter will be fully reviewed and circulated again for comments on the basis of inputs received in this initial engagement round.

SAMA requests that our members who have identified problems with the Guidelines and gaps in the medicines list send these through to us by 31 August 2020 so that we can refer these to the National Department of Health for consideration in the 2020 review of the guidelines.

Please send any comments through to Shelley McGee - shelleym@samedical.org by 31 August 2020 to allow SAMA time to collate an investigate inputs.

The Department of Health request letter and the Full 2019 Adult Hospital Guidelines can be accessed below.

The full current Adult Hospital level Standard Treatment Guidelines (2019 v2) are available at: http://www.health.gov.za/index.php/standard-treatment-guidelines-and-essential-medicines-list/category/286-hospital-level-adults

The Department has also circulated word-versions of the 26 Chapters making up the Adult Hospital STGs and EML which may make commentary eaiser.

Individual chapters can also be obtained from SAMA for comment from Shelley McGee - shelleym@samedical.org

Additionally, the National Department of Health Website includes existing medicine reviews, costing reports and previous considerations which have informed previous reviews for the National Adult STGs and EML.


Kind Regards
The SAMA Knowledge Management, Research and Ethics Team

hospital level adult 2019_v2.0

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